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Facial Skin Cancer

Facial Skin Cancer



Skin cancer can be a life threating and sometimes disfiguring problem. Facial skins cancers are especially problematic because the face defines the person. When skin cancer occurs on the face, especially the ears, nose, or eyelids, normal tissue needs to be spared. In the 1930’s Dr. Frederic Mohs developed a technique in which skin cancers are removed and immediately examined so that as much normal tissue as possible is spared. Unfortunately after the cancer is removed, the difficult task of trying to maintain a normal look has to be undertaken. For this, Dr. Verret is pleased to work with several Dallas Mohs surgeons to help people repair what cancer has destroyed.

Through the use of skin flaps, skin grafts, and multiple touch up procedures, Dr. Verret works with patients to ensure that a skin cancer is not a disfiguring disease. While the process can take some time, Dr. Verret is committed to ensuring that the individual’s dignity and self esteem are maintained.

While Mohs surgery is good for patients with many types of skin cancer, melanoma often requires additional treatment. For patients with melanoma of the head and neck, Dr. Verret is pleased to offer the latest in staging technology, sentinel lymph node biopsy. By sampling the closest lymph node to the tumor, Dr. Verret can provide valuable information about the stage of the tumor without disfiguring surgery.

If you have a melanoma, please read our primer on melanoma by clicking here.

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